Why Nordesk ?

It is true, you might ask yourself why should you use our services and not build a partnership with a local distributor instead?

The answer is really simple: Most of the time, the distributor model does not work in Vietnam. The list of international SMEs, who used a local distributor without getting any sales is endless.

By partnering with us, you make sure that a devoted team is actively representing your interests, and a trained sales rep is where he should be: On the field selling your products and representing your brand.

Let us boost your sales !

  • 10 years of Sales and consulting Experience in Vietnam with large corporations as well as SMEs
  • Flexible and fully scalable sales solution for our partners
  • A wide network and experience of the local Business environment
  • Finnish management running your operations locally
  • Continuous communication from our side to keep you updated, total transparency is our motto
  • A trusted partner to grow your business in Vietnam rapidly

We get the job done right !

  • Affordable startup investment
  • You start selling quickly
  • No investment in premises
  • Knowledge of the local market
  • Fast return on investment

It is now or never !

Way too often we have heard stories of companies who failed to enter the market on time… What happened then? They lost the first mover advantage, while they were procrastinating, the competitors were already here selling, building a network and making their brand the number 1 in the mind of the customer.

If you are looking for growth in Southeast Asia, can you take the risk of losing a dominant position in a market of 95m +? Do you want your company to get left behind? Probably not.

Don´t add your name to the list! Contact us to discuss your businesses´ potential in the 5th fastest growing economy in the world. The cake is big, but you have to move fast!

how can we help you?

We would love to hear about your project in Vietnam.

“More than 30,000 imported consumer brands are currently distributed in Vietnam. The market is existing and growing fast, why not take the opportunity?”

Robert Karjalainen
Co-Founder, Nordesk