Rent a sales manager in Vietnam

A fast growing economy and a population of 96 million, indeed, the Vietnamese market represents a fantastic opportunity for SMEs to expand in a one of the most dynamic market in the world. It’s your great opportunity to increase your sales and develop your company. But we know also that is capital intensive to establish sales operation abroad.

This is why our sales outsourcing service is a great option to start selling with a minimum investment. We work with local partners to ensure that only HIGHLY skilled professional represent your brand in Vietnam. Our business development managers have experience of the local market and specific industries.

We make no compromise when it comes to recruitment. Only the best.

We offer flexible sales packages to fit your needs, your budget and your project in Vietnam.

With a minimum investment, you are ready to start selling in a high growth market in less than a month, with one objective in mind: B2B and B2c business lead and appointment generation.

We support you during the whole sales cycle from cold calling to deal closure, you take over when it is appropriate.


Why would you invest massively in market research by sending your own sales staff who does not :

  • Have local market experience
  • A ready built network
  • Understanding of the local culture
  • The truth is that he will lose months getting ready to prospect the market.

Start selling now !

You would be surprised to see how fast you can close your first deal in the Vietnamese market.

  • Minimum investment anf flexible solution
  • Get to the Vietnamese market quickly
  • We shortlist sales executive for your company
  • We manage locally your sales operations
  • You get reports at your convenience

Fast and easy process

We work hand in hand with you in order to fully understand your product/service and define the local target customers as well as the sales strategy.

Finding the right business development manager is a key to your success in entering the Vietnamese market.We make sure to pick-up one passionate about your industry and having the needed skills set for the mission.

We train your rep and won’t let him on the field before we are convinced that he is ready to proudly represent your brand, your values and grow your business. We are happy to collaborate with your team regarding this aspect.

Your rep is now engaging and closing new customers. Nordesk management carefully monitors correct implementation of the sales strategy. We make sure the job gets done right.

We report all relevant information to your management and discuss together future actions. Transparency and cooperation is our motto.

your sales task force in Vietnam

We nurture our people in a culture of success and aggressive sales growth. Our business development manager is your business development manager. We are a team, we work all together with one objective in mind: Writing your success story in Vietnam.

You can count on Nordesk to deliver excellence on your behalf.

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“More than 30,000 imported consumer brands are currently distributed in Vietnam. The market is existing and growing fast, why not take the opportunity?”

Robert Karjalainen
Co-Founder, Nordesk

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