Business service in Vietnam for SMES

Our approach

At Nordesk we have been working for 10 years towards stronger business cooperation between western countries and Vietnam. We see the fast growing Vietnamese market as a highly unexploited source of growth for corporations as well as SMEs. Indeed, the Vietnamese market represents a population of almost 100 million people and is much easier to enter for SMEs than China or India.

Prospecting the Vietnamese market is an expensive investment for a SME company , therefore it is a major barrier to entry for SMEs.

We want to change that to allow SMEs from all over the world to expand in the fast growing Vietnamese market.

That is why, on top of our market entry consulting activities, we have decided to launch Nordesk.  A disruptive service to  to make market entry  more affordable and less time consuming for SMEs and startups. The entry ticket price should no longer discourage you.

If you have the product/service/app, we have the local presence, expertise and sales team to grow your business

So let´s work together and build your success story in Vietnam !


Our partnership conditions including pricing and scope of work are clear and simple.

No hidden terms with us.


We don´t want you to be chained to a long term contract. After 4 months initial period you are free to disengage if not satisfied, this is the ideal duration to get first results.

Cost effective

Outsourcing your Vietnamese sales  or procurement to us is probably the most cost effective solution to enter Vietnamese market.


We take care of your sales process in Vietnam. No time lost in non relevant matters.Ready to go within weeks.

Full potential

Together, we will explore the opportunities and exploit your product/service´s full potential here in Vietnam.

Opportunity and Success

Our reputation and credibility relies on success stories involving Nordic companies in Vietnam. Your success is our success.

how can we help you?

We would love to hear about your project in Vietnam.

“More than 30,000 imported consumer brands are currently distributed in Vietnam. The market is existing and growing fast, why not take the opportunity?”

Robert Karjalainen
Co-Founder, Nordesk

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