Food safety opportunity


Thanks to the fast economic growth enjoyed by the country since 2000´s, the Vietnamese population is more affluent, resulting to skyrocketing food consumption.

This higher demand comes with the great challenge of both quantity and quality.

Food scandals are unfortunately a recurring issue affecting the safety of local consumers with a devastating impact on Vietnam´s reputation as food exporter.

Food safety awareness is rising fast amongst Vietnamese consumers, business stakeholders and authorities.

Vietnam wants and needs to produce more and higher quality food, creating business opportunities for SMEs companies specialized in innovative food safety solutions.



  • Toxins/Microbial contamination
  • Lack of ethics from producers
  • Un-hygienic processing environment
  • Outdated laboratories and test methods
  • Lack of digitalization
    • Insufficient traceability
    • Faked certificates
  • Lack of education


  • Contamination during production process
    • Soil contamination by pesticides and other chemicals
    • Human feces used as fertilizer
  • Unadapted storaging
  • Over fertilizing


  • Low quality/contamined animal feed
  • Heavy antibiotic use in livestock production
  • Lack of ethics from producers
  • Non respect of cold-chain

Business opportunities

There are plenty of business opportunities in the food safety industry for SMEs. Vietnam wants to tackle this issue in the next years, hereunder are listed the most potential one. If you are in those industries, don´t hesitate to contact us, we can assist you selling your food safety solution to Vietnam.

  • Training and education
    • For whole value chain
    • Authorities
  • Digitalization
  • Traceability
  • Certificates
  • Logistics, storage and Packaging solutions
    • Cold Chain / Cold rooms
  • Animal feed production
  • Fertilizer
  • Animal husbandry
  • Quality control / Audit
  • Machinery and equipment
    • Farming
    • Processing
    • Distribution
  • Aquaculture technology
  • Veterinary
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Robert Karjalainen
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