Vietnam offers a great market for technology sales. Most of the machinery is imported as national production is either inexistent or in early phase. Buyers appreciate quality and reasonable price. Fast growing automatization to increase quality and efficiency provides plenty of opportunities in the sector of upgrading production lines.

Clean technology

Environmental, especially climate change issues are a main concern in Vietnam. Your clean-tech solution can make the difference. The need is for Water treatment, MSW, Renewables, Energy Efficiency, Solarpower, Windpower.

Information technology

SaaS, Mobile, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, E-education, Fintech, Healthtech… you name it! Solutions dedicated to B2B or B2C markets are a hot topic in Vietnam. Start-up ecosystem is developing fast after slow start. If you are looking for development teams, Vietnam has a long history as outsourcing country, especially for Japanese companies.


With the increasing middleclass and purchasing power, retail market is growing very fast in Vietnam. Foreign brands are highly appreciated by consumers but many sectors and brands are missing from the market. Now is the best moment to step in.

Food safety

Vietnam suffers from recurrent food safety scandals affecting the whole population. Innovative solutions improving safety and general hygiene are warmly welcomed. Your company can make a real difference here.

Infrastructure development

Vietnam is growing fast and developing it’s long declined infrastructure. Roads, bridges, factories, housing, office buildings, smart cities, all present a huge potential for foreign companies in the sector. Several players are in but even more are missing.

Outsource your sales operation

in Vietnam to us.Save time, Save money


Nordesk is a sales forces outsourcing service provided by Finnsea Oy and Catapult Accelerator for SMEs from all over the world. We have a proven track record of 10 years in sales development and business consulting in Vietnam. We know the local culture, the business environment and we provide you with our ready built network.

We have been assisting Finnish companies to enter the Vietnamese market for many years, now we offer flexible sales and marketing outsourcing services to SMEs looking for fast growing markets. You relax, we take care.


The whole idea of our Nordesk offer is to limit the needed initial investment for SMEs who want to get results in Vietnam. No Expensive offices, no administrative burden, no need for local accountant… Your initial investment is affordable and you can expect quick return on investment.

Our method just works.

Nordesk works with customers from all industries. Our sales experts have a proven track record in their target industry. As long as your product/service shows a real potential in the market, we will provide you with an adapted sales service.

We are in continuous contact with you to discuss sales actions, customer feedback and general strategy. Transparency and efficiency is the core of our partnership.


Would you like to hear more about our service over the phone? Feel free to drop us a message and we will contact you to discuss your sales project in Vietnam.